Mushroom hunt continues…

As posted two weeks ago, I wanted to shoot some mushrooms this autumn. I don’t do a lot of macro stuff, but after reading some articles about using artificial light in nature photography (and macro in particular) I got excited. So here it is: the first time I ever used a flash in a natural environment. And the results make me want to do more!

Most technical information is stored in the EXIF data (of the full size version), except for the flash. I used an off-camera speedlight (Canon 430EX II) at 1/16th strength, manually fired, with Full CTO filter. There’s a blank sheet of (A4) paper between flash and mushroom acting as a softbox. After partial white balance correction, the mushroom retains some extra warmth while the background turns cold blue.

Armillaria Mellea in warm light on cool background
Armillaria – Dijkgatbos, Netherlands – October 28th 2018