Your Hairstyling at Night

Something different from the usual landscapes. Saw this barber shop during a late evening stroll, grabbed my phone so I could think about it at home. Hanging around at a closed shop late in the evening is a bit weird, so I wanted go back with a clear idea of what I wanted to do. Came back two days later with the neccessary equipment, set it up, snapped twice (you never know), and was gone in 5 minutes. :-)

Barber shop at night with backlit mirrors
Your Hairstyling at Night, Schagen, Netherlands – October 6th 2022

Breakwater Sunset

Yes it’s a cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason. The ship directly under the sun was a nice bonus. :-)

Breakwater at sunset
Breakwater Sunset – De Kerf, Schoorlse Duinen – May 10th 2020

Polder View 1

Been a while, but regular viewers are already used to this. :-) This image was shot the same morning as the sunrinse in my previous post. I’ve done some photography over the past year, but just didn’t feel like processing them… Sometimes photography itself is more fun than developing.

Anyway, this is the environment I live in. Flat polder farmland. And I think it’s just as pretty and photogenic as mountains and forests. :-)

Dutch flat farmland with farms in background
Polderview 1 – Schagen – May 10th 2020

Pinewoods Silhouette

An older image, but somehow I forgot to post this one on any online platform except Facebook. So I just uploaded it to Flickr, and to my own little corner on the web ofcourse.

silhouette of pinetrees against a colorful sunset
Pinewoods Silhouette -Schoorlse Duinen – September 13th 2011

Hard Drive 2

We’re entering the most boring part of the year again, when autumn is gone and winter hasn’t arrived yet. So we have to search for different subjects for a while.

internal view of a hard disk drive
Hard Drive 2 – Studio – January 15th 2019

Big Star Moss

Another macro from the same location, date and time as the mushroom in my previous post. Big Star moss is named after its star shaped leaves, but I think the sporophytes are a lot more interesting.

Macro of Big Star moss sporophytes
Big Star Moss – Speulderbos, Netherlands – November 17th 2019

Already Taken!

Oops, sorry to interrupt you, little friend. I didn’t know this mushroom was already taken. I’ll find another one. :-)

Shot in the Speulderbos again, this time on November 17th. The light was very disappointing compared to a week earlier, so I decided to switch to plan B and get on my knees.

Macro of small insect on mushroom
Already Taken – Speulderbos, Netherlands – November 17th 2019

Speulderbos 4

The fourth and probably last shot from the 10th of November. This time we’re back in deciduous woods, with a very orange/brown color theme. While I had trees at different distances to add depth in the previous images, this time I chose to get on my knees and use a trunk instead.

autumn deciduous woods with sunrise rays in haze
Speulderbos 4 – Speulderbos, Netherlands – November 10th 2019

Speulderbos 3

The third shot from a wonderful morning I had in the Speulderbos in the Netherlands. The light and haze were perfect for about two hours, so I had a lot of opportunities for great shots. This time I chose a shot of a pinetree area. The Speulderbos is a mixed forest. While deciduous forests turn orange in this time of year, the floor of pine forests actually turns green because of moss and new pine trees coming up.

autumn mixed woods with sunrise rays in haze
Speulderbos 3 – Speulderbos, Netherlands – November 10th 2019

Speulderbos 2

This image was captured only 3 minutes after the previous post. Note how much the light changed in such a short time. The classic 3:2 image ratio is still my favorite, and I think this second composition suits that ratio better. That’s why the previous post was in 16:9.

autumn mixed woods with sunrise rays in haze
Speulderbos 2 – Speulderbos, Netherlands – November 10th 2019