Armillaria ‘unplugged’

This is probably my last mushroom shot of this season. It’s been a pretty succesful season, considering that macro photography is one of my weak points and I never experimented with artificial light in nature photography before.

Now we move on to winter. Snow is quite rare here, so it’s more like having four extra months of autumn before spring kicks in again. But without the beautiful autumn colors. I’ll be posting more archived shots in the coming months.

About the shot itself: I believe the mushroom species is Armillaria Mellea, although the band around the stem isn’t visible here.  In this case I didn’t use any artificial light, but I did (again) use a 36mm extension tube to get as close as possible.

Armillaria Mellea stem on green out of focus background
Armillaria 3 – Dijkgatbos, Netherlands – October 28th 2018

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