Rising Tide

A simple composition this time. The light really makes this image work. The rising tide creates a nice flow of water, there’s a village in the distance which lights the clouds with this typical warm yellow gas discharge light, while the foreground reflects relatively cool moonlight.

For this shot I brought my little Olympus E-PL5 with the standard 14-42mm. Like most modern cameras (I think?) it has a live bulb mode, so you can see the image getting brighter while you’re shooting it. My old Canon EOS 40D doesn’t have such a feature, so it always takes a couple of tries to get the right exposure. With a shot that relies on rising tide to make the water flow, you don’t have time to shoot multiple times.

Beach wih incoming tide, artificial light on clouds and moon reflecting in wet sand
Rising Tide – Hargen aan Zee, Netherlands – December 17th 2018

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