Speulderbos 2

This image was captured only 3 minutes after the previous post. Note how much the light changed in such a short time. The classic 3:2 image ratio is still my favorite, and I think this second composition suits that ratio better. That’s why the previous post was in 16:9.

autumn mixed woods with sunrise rays in haze
Speulderbos 2 – Speulderbos, Netherlands – November 10th 2019

First visit to the Speulderbos

My first ever visit to the Speulderbos in the Netherlands. Or my second visit if you count the scouting – I visited the woods last week to see what it was like, check the photographic opportunities. Had a pretty good day today, so there’ll be more content soon. :-)

autumn mixed woods with sunrise rays in haze
Speulderbos 1 – Speulderbos, Netherlands – November 10th 2019

Beach Club Paal 29

The ‘secondary’ beach club on the Harger Beach, located 2 km south of the main entrance. This one is not accessible by car, but has a much larger parking lot for bicycles. And it’s a lot more photogenic during sunsets because of the wooden pathways and pole. :-)

My first daytime shot of 2019… Spring has arrived, so I’ll be more active than the past couple of months.

beach club with sunset
Beach Club Paal 29 – Hargerstrand, Netherlands – May 12th 2019

No Sailing Tonight

Sometimes you have to endure a bit of rain to get the right shot. This entire day was filled with short showers mixed with bursts of sunshine. Not the best circumstances for a walk on the beach, but it does provide saturated colors and an interesting sky. The bad weather also means that there wasn’t a lot of sailing going on, so I could use all the available catamarans as my foreground. :-)

Beach with catamarans, sunset with rainclouds
No Sailing Tonight – Hargerstrand, Netherlands -July 14th 2010

Hard Disk Drive

Although most of my work is related to nature, it’s not all I do. Sometimes I just like to spend some time in my studio. Especially when the weather doesn’t cooperate. This studio provides a way to maintain a steady output. Otherwise I’d just be posting old material during winter.

This is a shot of a decommissioned hard disk drive, model Western Digital WD Green WD10EARS. I replaced this 1TB model with a 4TB version, and now the old drive will spend the rest of its days as a decorative piece in my studio. It combines my interests in photography and computer history. :-)

internal view of a hard disk drive
Hard Drive – Studio – January 15th 2019

Penguin Portrait

Hi there! Another week, another image, another shot from the past. We are having an extremely mild winter so far. So no opportunity for wintry images, but the upside is that spring might kick in sooner than usual… Anyway, this is my very first venture into portrait photography. Not much else to say. It was shot in a zoo, so no interesting wildlife story to go with it. Must have been a professional model pengiun though, he clearly had some experience posing for cameras.

close portrait of a penguin on beige background
Penguin – Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo, Rotterdam, Netherlands – March 23rd 2004

Bosje van Staf

This week we take another dive into the archives. A shot from 2010. I use this image a lot to show people that sometimes zooming out is better than zooming in. While I had a 500mm lens available at that time, this one was shot at ‘just’ 137mm. The collection of trees in the background is a distinct landmark very close to the “Bosje van Staf”, and hasn’t changed much in 8 years. I still remember seeing the deer walking through the woods to the right of this image and just waiting until they finally came out in the open. It took some patience, but after that the shot itself was pretty easy.

About 20 deer walking in foreground, large trees in back
Bosje van Staf – National Park Hoge Veluwe, Netherlands – March 27th 2010

Rising Tide

A simple composition this time. The light really makes this image work. The rising tide creates a nice flow of water, there’s a village in the distance which lights the clouds with this typical warm yellow gas discharge light, while the foreground reflects relatively cool moonlight.

For this shot I brought my little Olympus E-PL5 with the standard 14-42mm. Like most modern cameras (I think?) it has a live bulb mode, so you can see the image getting brighter while you’re shooting it. My old Canon EOS 40D doesn’t have such a feature, so it always takes a couple of tries to get the right exposure. With a shot that relies on rising tide to make the water flow, you don’t have time to shoot multiple times.

Beach wih incoming tide, artificial light on clouds and moon reflecting in wet sand
Rising Tide – Hargen aan Zee, Netherlands – December 17th 2018

Dike Shed

Being from the same location as the mushroom shots, this dike shed is a nice segway from recent shots to the archives. Another fun fact: it’s a square. I usually stick to 3:2, but this one screamed “square!” at me from the moment I spotted this composition.

Dike sheds were used to store tools and sandbags to make repairs to a dike in case of emergency. With modern (fast) transportation, they lost their purpose in the 20 century. Most of them are gone now, but some got repurposed and survived.

Dike shed behind fence and bush, blue sky background
Dike Shed – Dijkgatbos, Netherlands – August 15th 2008

Armillaria ‘unplugged’

This is probably my last mushroom shot of this season. It’s been a pretty succesful season, considering that macro photography is one of my weak points and I never experimented with artificial light in nature photography before.

Now we move on to winter. Snow is quite rare here, so it’s more like having four extra months of autumn before spring kicks in again. But without the beautiful autumn colors. I’ll be posting more archived shots in the coming months.

About the shot itself: I believe the mushroom species is Armillaria Mellea, although the band around the stem isn’t visible here.  In this case I didn’t use any artificial light, but I did (again) use a 36mm extension tube to get as close as possible.

Armillaria Mellea stem on green out of focus background
Armillaria 3 – Dijkgatbos, Netherlands – October 28th 2018